Virtual Prayer and Praise Breakfast
November 21, 2020
10am – 1pm


Striving to be… WOMEN GOD CAN USE!

Women’s Week 2020
Sept 9-13
Lessons from Old and New Testament Women
help us make today’s choices!
Book Study: A Woman God Can Use by Alice Mathews

Sis. Evelyn Little

Sis. Lovey Lewis

Sis. Irma Ferrell

Min. Tammy Middleton

Sis. Val Shumate

 Rev. Dr. Betty Smith

Sis. Sheila Harris

SIs. Alberta Watts

Sis. Susan English

SIs. Kavita Gupta 

Deacon Mary Coleman

Sis. Vicki Redman
Women’s Day 2020

Rev. Patricia Carrington


Min. Janice Johnson