Johnnie Bethea

Rev. Bethea was appointed to serve as Pastor on May 31, 2001 and has served faithfully over the years.

Under the leadership of Pastor Bethea, Henderson Grove has grown physically and spiritually.  As the membership grew it became necessary to construct a new sanctuary. With much prayer and hard work God blessed us to move into our new sanctuary on the first Sunday in April 2014.


Patricia Carrington
Associate Minister
Rev. Carrington Leads our Women in prayer ministry and has her own rest home ministry. 
Wayne Allen
Associate Minister
Rev. Allen is a part of our Praise Team and is a part of the Board of Directors of the church.  
Janice Johnson
Associate Minister
Min Johnson serves as our Adult Sunday School Teacher. She is actively involved in our Sr. Missionary Ministry and sings on the Gospel Choir
Tammy Middleton
Associate Minister
Min. Middleton serves as Youth Missionary Supervisor and Assistant Sunday School Secretary.
Dr. Betty Smith
Associate Minister
Dr. Smith serves on the Sunday School Staff and is actively involved in our Sr Missionary Circle, Marriage and Family Life Ministry and other Pastoral Care ministries.